The whole college family praises God and rejoices with our 14 physical therapy graduates who passed the recent physical therapy board examination with a 70% passing rate against the 59.98% national passing rate.

The board examination was on February 3 to 4, 2019, and our new registered physical therapists are:

  1. Ivan Riel S. Enerio
  2. McOriolle T. Mahusay
  3. Aaron Paul G. Gelacio
  4. Jasmine Grace T. Ceño
  5. Anna Alaine G. Lomongo
  6. Astrid Angelica N. Santiago
  7. Lancy C. Tamala
  8. Loraine Jay F. Querol
  9. Clark Floyd C. Ravina
  10. Grandton M. Almocera
  11. Kimberly C. Pingol
  12. Fiona Mae P. Chaves
  13. Rea D. Bautista
  14. Hanifa M. Paisal

The college president would like to share this message to everyone.“I am elated to know that 70% of the AMCC’s recent physical therapy takers of the national licensure examination made it to the passing list. This signals a better tomorrow for the new physical therapists to face the challenges of life’s reality. As licensed physical therapists, you will be scattered in many places of the world. By the time you are there, do not forget to look back to your Alma Mater and help meet her needs and reach her goals.

I don’t want to miss thanking the faculty members of the physical therapy department for their dedication to make ready these young people for this momentous event; more importantly, for making them aware on a daily basis in their classes at AMCC of the soon return of Christ. Congratulations!”

by ICA

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