The college brings back all the glory to God for His guidance to the fourteen (14) BS Nursing graduates who took the June 2019 Nurse Licensure Exam. The fourteen newly Registered Nurses are the following:

  1. ABANTAS, Farhanisah M.
  2. ANDAM, Katherine Y.
  3. BAKEKE, Rubilyn B.
  4. CADER, Hayfah P.
  5. CALI, Sittie Jailah M.
  6. CAMAD, Rohani P.
  7. ENERIO, Harlequine B.
  8. GURREA, Faye Alessandra C.
  9. MUTIA, Kryzl Vyen C.
  10. NASRODING, Sohainie A.
  11. PEÑAS, Aiza Lhea M.
  12. ROCAMORA, Leonor A.
  13. TAÑO, Mc Cris P.
  14. ZULUETA, Gharen E.

The Lord’s guidance and the AMCC faculty and staff’s wholehearted devotion to excellence enabled our students to render their best in reaching this important milestone of their life. It is your alma mater’s wish that you prosper in your chosen career and may you never forget to #keepshining.

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