The Pharmacy department is proud to impart the success of the 14 AMCCians who passed the licensure exam for Pharmacists. The exam took place on August 3 and 4, 2019.

The newly registered Pharmacists are as follows:

  1. Aberilla, Donna
  2. Agosto, Irenica
  3. Ates, Lorraine
  4. Barandia, Jannah
  5. Darza, Alyanna
  6. Dimakuta, Almirah
  7. Dimatingcal, Lomaynah
  8. Geografo, Merry Patrice
  9. Guiling, Norquisha
  10. Lubguban, Madel
  11. Mangking, Apipa
  12. Matanog, Raidah
  13. Saranza, Jarrel Glaze
  14. Yosores, Mark

AMCC wishes you the best in your careers. We are proud to be a part of your academic journey. #keepshining

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