In celebration of Buwan ng Wika, the AMCC high school department through the tutelage of Ms. Beverly Joy Mejos held a program with the theme, “Wikang Katutubo: Tungo sa isang bansang Filipino”. The program commenced with a short convocation which was followed by a short message from Ms. Mejos. After which, select Grade 11 students showcased their talent through a production number (see video below).

Presentations from each section in junior and senior high school then followed. The first presenter, Grade 12 – Romans, performed a speech choir:

Next to Romans is a performance of Grade 11 – Deuteronomy. Section Deuteronomy performed Pasigin which refers to the fish net used by fishermen in Capiz. The pasigin symbolizes the assurance of food for a fisherman’s family. Ironically though, on the end of the dance is revealed that the net has a hole in the bottom therefore allowing the fisherman’s catch to escape.

Next to Grade 11 – Deuteronomy is a speech choir by Grade 12 – Matthew:

Grade 11 – LeviticusTinikling performance followed. Tinikling is one of the most well known Filipino folk dances. The dance mimics the movement of tikling – a long-legged bird as it dodges the trap set by farmers in the rice field.

After section Leviticus, Grade 12 – John followed:

Grade 11 – Genesis then followed performing Itik-itik. This folk dance mimics the movement of an itik or duck hence in this performance wading, small steps, and flying is portrayed.

Grade 12 – Luke followed by performing yet another good speech choir piece:

Next is the Maglalatik performance of Grade 11 – Judges. During the Spanish period, there’s a constant battle between Christian and Muslim tribes. After the Spanish regime, the Filipinos began to create a mock war dance comprising of two groups symbolizing the Christian and Moro group. One group performed the war dance without a war weapon but used coconut shells as props hence the use of coconut shells in this performance:

After Judges, is a speech choir by Grade 12 – Mark.

After the presentation of section Mark, Grade 11 – Numbers followed with their performance of a Muslim dance called Kapag Apir. Kapag apir depicts ladies gracefully manipulating the fan (apir) while giving emphasis on their small steps which symbolizes a good upbringing.

Next to the stately performance of section Numbers is the speech choir of Grade 12 – Corinthians:

The last presenter, Grade 11 – Exodus, performed a folk dance called Subli. Subli is derived from two words “subsub” meaning to fall with the head and “bali” which means broken.

The program ended with the closing remarks of the high school principal Mrs. Febe Lavador and closing prayer by Ms. Gina Salapan.

The colorful presentations of the students helped us appreciate more the beauty of Filipino culture. In AMCC, we do not only cultivate your educational needs, but we also support your talent! #keepshining

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