October 31 marked the grand opening of Pasingot 2019. At exactly 1:30 PM, students and faculties prepared for one of the most await event of every AMCCian. The opening program commenced with a short devotional asking God for guidance and blessings for the success of the said event. After the devotional was the display of the colorful and artistically crafted floats for every team.


The second part of Pasingot’s grand opening highlighted the iconic torch lighting. The performance means a lot to every students as it is a school of light that reflects the varied personalities of students that when they leave the premises of the college, they will always bring it in their hearts.

Another highlight during the Pasingot was the utilization of QR code-based attendance checking courtesy to the members of the student council and their ever dynamic and supportive advisers. Printed QR codes were distributed to students and checked via an installed mobile app. The utilization of such technology shows how every AMCCian is open to innovations.


To end the first day of Pasingot 2019, the student council organized night events with the first showcasing the mascots of each team. After which is “The Voice” of AMCC where various team representatives render a song/s. The first night of Pasingot 2019 culminated with a Hydro-Bubble party.


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Bella Butalid
Natalia Vonda Radoc
Asnairah Omra
Nuvy Jade Javier
Zaidbren Macabato

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