Are you an incoming college? Pre-registration for incoming freshmen is now going on at AMCC! For your convenience, we are offering two options on how you can pre-register. 

Options for pre-registration:

Option 1: Walk – In

Option 2: Fill up the online form. We’ve also included the list of admission requirements in the form so you can prepare for it while waiting for the enrollment proper. Enrollment proper will start August 3, 2020.

What lesson delivery mode are we offering?

For the convenience of our students as well as precautionary measures the college in accordance to the guidelines set by the LGU of Iligan, will not hold face-to-face classes. Instead, we will be holding (1) fully online classes, and (2) distant learning mode (student will be give modules). We are not limiting our mode of delivery to these two methods only. We are also eyeing on radio broadcasts.

Until when will be the pre-registration?

More or less it would be up until July. The purpose of the pre-registration is for sectioning.


You can reach us via the contact details located on the top most portion of our site.

Stay safe!

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