The AMCC faculty and staff slated August 12, 2022 for the in-service training program for the first semester of A.Y 2022 – 2023. The program is comprised of three parts. The first part was a devotional spearheaded by Ptr. Danilo Guardarama. After the devotional, the second part of the program commenced with the opening remarks of Prof. Roselyn S. Pacardo, the head of the Nursing department. After which a special song was rendered by the HIMIG.

IFLL: AMCC Setting with Dr. Bob Asis

The first speaker was the president of the AMC College Dr. Bobby Asis whose talk revolved around the application of Integrating Faith, Learning, and Lifestyle (IFLL) in the AMCC setting. The talk focused not only on the recitation of Bible verses as an IFLL but the actual application of the concepts as a worker professing to follow the footsteps of Christ. After the president’s talk, the Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Pretzel Zuniga expanded on the concept of IFLL specifically its placement in the syllabus. The AEC report by Prof. Sheila C. Sucuaje then followed.

The third part of the program is the faculty and staff meeting, orientation, and announcement. In this part, the general working policies and faculty development program were discussed by the human resource director Dr. Leilah R. Demol. Research policies and guidelines were also discussed by the research director Dr. Ruby A. Recopelacion, the income generating projects by the Vice President for Operations Edgardo D. Torniado, CPA, CGM, FPHCA, the church guidelines by Ptr. Danilo A. Guardarama, and the faculty and staff activities by the FSA president Louella Joy O. Osorio.

After the presentations on the aforementioned topics, an open forum took place which was facilitated by Prof. Angieross Sharon R. Valenzuela. On behalf of the faculty and staff, Prof. Nestor Balboa, RPT, MSPT  led the closing remarks.

The in-service training program ended with the faculty and staff bringing home knowledge and a renewed commitment to working at Adventist Medical Center College for God’s glory.

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