On February 20, 2023, the kindergarten class had an exciting field trip to three destinations in Cagayan de Oro City: the Ostrich Farm, the Crocodile Farm, and the Amaya View. Among these locations, Amaya View was particularly memorable as it allowed the young learners to explore and enjoy two unique attractions, namely Noah’s Ark and Larry’s Hill.

The primary objective of the field trip was to provide the young learners with an opportunity to unwind and have fun together with their parents. As such, the trip was carefully planned to ensure that it would be both educational and entertaining. Accompanying the children on this adventure were their parents, chaperones, and Pastor and Mrs. Selgas, who ensured that everyone was safe and accounted for throughout the day.

The 23 students who participated in the field trip were eager to learn and explore the different sites. At the Ostrich Farm, they had the chance to observe these magnificent creatures up close and learn about their unique characteristics. At the Crocodile Farm, they were amazed by the sheer size and power of these ancient reptiles and gained a newfound appreciation for the importance of conservation efforts. Finally, at Amaya View, they were treated to two exciting attractions that captured their imaginations and left a lasting impression.

Overall, the kindergarten field trip was a resounding success, providing the young learners with a fun-filled day of learning and adventure. It was an excellent opportunity for them to bond with their parents, chaperones, and classmates while also expanding their knowledge and experiencing new things.

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