The basketball team of Adventist Medical Center College (AMCC), involving students from various courses and coached by Mr. Eliser Pornes, was invited to participate in a friendly game at Mountain View College (MVC) in Valencia City, Bukidnon. The AMCC Central Student Union expressed their gratitude to the AMCC administrators for their unwavering support, to the coach for his guidance, and to MVC for extending the invitation. The union also recognized the major sponsors, namely:

  1. Joel Jumawan and Councilors of Brgy. San Miguel
  2. Evia Ong- CPA, CEO of E&K Ventures
  3. Lorelei M. Tambog
  4. Emmanuel Mugot
  5. Sir Junrey Adepolla
  6. Joef Balazo
  7. Ivymarjorie Longhas Agreda- Board of Director in Quezon City
  8. Jocelyn F. Alforque- DepEd Principal 3
  9. Juvy D. Lahoylahoy
  10. Carmela Grospe- MD
  11. Johann June Taawan
  12. Gretchen Tuñacao
  13. Paula Ramayan
  14. Eddann Fuentes
  15. Ma’am Liling Polao

The AMCC basketball team’s participation in the friendly game served as an opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and sportsmanship. The recognition and appreciation extended to the sponsors, coach, and administrators for their support and guidance highlight the significance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving success. The union’s expression of gratitude also underscores the importance of acknowledging the contributions of those who have made the endeavor possible.

In conclusion, the participation of the AMCC basketball team in the MVC friendship game was a testament to the students’ hard work and dedication to the sport. The recognition and gratitude extended to the sponsors, coach, and administrators emphasize the value of teamwork, cooperation, and appreciation in achieving success. The AMCC Central Student Union’s expression of gratitude is a significant reminder of the importance of recognizing the efforts of those who have made the endeavor possible.

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