The Student Week of Devotion with the theme “Love is a Verb” began today, March 27, 2023. From said date until April 1, 2023, two students were designated to elaborate on the theme each day. Below is the schedule for the studentspeakers who were selected.

DAY 1| March 27, 2023(Monday)
Sermon 1: Ron Arhiz D. Monteclaro| “To Love is to Sacrifice”
Sermon 2: Crystal Faith S. Requerme| “To Love is to be Thankful”

DAY 2| March 28 (Tuesday)
Sermon 3: Jahsel Amber F. Benabaye| “To Love is to Worship”
Sermon 4: Febie Tine Valerie E. Obena| “To Love is to Trust”

DAY 3| March 29 (Wednesday)
Sermon 5: Ellen Rose C. Villardo| “To Love is to Forgive”
Sermon 6: Doaril Sheen Y. Senilong| “To Love is to Obey”

DAY 4| March 30 (Thursday)
Sermon 7: Perlie Jane R. Pelayo| “To Love is to Share”
Sermon 8: Lourd Anthonee C. Cabrera| “To Love is to Wait”

DAY 5| March 31 (Friday)
Sermon 9: Gritz Franzelm L. Adorable| “To Love is to Commit”
Sermon 10: Luke Anthony S. Casio| “To Love is to Serve”

DAY 6| April 1 (Saturday)
Sermon 11: Joel T. Nacorda Jr.| “Love is a Verb”

Credits to the Central Student Union for the above information.

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