The AMCC Silingan Club paid a courtesy visit to the Congressional Office of Iligan City on March 20, 2023. The club members expressed their gratitude to the office of the Congressman for its unwavering support to the people of Iligan by performing beautiful renditions of songs. The Congressman was pleased with the gesture and warmly welcomed the group.

During the visit, the Congressman expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the AMCC Silingan Club in promoting the culture and arts of Iligan City. He acknowledged the role that the club plays in enhancing the city's image and reputation.The visit of the AMCC Silingan Club to the Congressional Office of Iligan City was a testament to the strong relationship between the club and other entities of the society. It was an opportunity for the club to express its appreciation for the Congressman's unwavering support to the city of Iligan. Overall, the visit was a success, and it demonstrated the importance of collaboration and cooperation between the government and civil society groups.

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