The AMCC Palakasan 2023 is one of the most anticipated sports events of the year for the students of the AMCC. With the theme “Marching onto Mission: Reliving the Past, Revitalizing the Present: Strength, Unity, and Bond Against All Odds,” the event aims to celebrate the strength and resilience of Filipino heritage, culture, and history. The event runs from April 26 to 28, but the opening ceremony was held on April 25.

The opening ceremony was graced by the ever-dynamic and supportive HR Director Dr. Leilah R. Demol. Her opening remarks were an inspiration to the students, reminding them of the importance of unity and perseverance in achieving their goals. After the opening remarks, the students organized themselves according to their assigned teams and commenced the foot parade. The parade traversed Brgy San Miguel’s area, showcasing the energy and enthusiasm of the students, and ended in the tennis court.

Mr. Loughvin Campañero, Student Director for Social and Sports

In the tennis court, the students were further energized by the encouraging speech of the VP for Student Affairs Dr. Roger Lopez. His words were an affirmation of the students’ hard work and dedication in preparing for the Palakasan. Following Dr. Lopez’s speech, the Student Director of Social and Sports, Mr. Loughvin Josh Campañero, took the Oath of Sportsmanship and lit the Torch. The Torch symbolizes the spirit of sportsmanship, fair play, and camaraderie among the participants.

Each team then presented their respective performances, showcasing their skills and creativity. The performances were a testament to the students’ hard work, discipline, and dedication. The Palakasan is not just about sports, but it is also an opportunity for the students to showcase their cultural heritage and foster a sense of unity among them.



Before the closing prayer, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Pretzel Zuñiga, delivered the closing remarks. Her words were a reminder to the students of the importance of their education and how it can contribute to building a better future for themselves and their community.

The AMCC Palakasan 2023 showcases the strength, unity, and perseverance of Filipino heritage, culture, and history. The event is an opportunity for students to connect with their past, celebrate their diversity, and build a better future for themselves and their community. The Palakasan is more than just a sports event, but it is also a celebration of Filipino culture and a testament to the students’ hard work and dedication.

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