The AMCC Palakasan is an eagerly awaited sports event for college students of the AMCC. It is a celebration of the strength, unity, and perseverance of Filipino heritage, culture, and history. This year’s theme, “Marching onto Mission: Reliving the Past, Revitalizing the Present: Strength, Unity, and Bond Against All Odds,” calls upon the students to reflect upon their past and work towards a better future.

The different teams in the Palakasan embody the different classes of the Spanish regime in the Philippines. The Katipuneros represented the working class, who fought for their rights and freedom against the oppressive regime. The Illustrados were the educated elite, who led the movement for Philippine independence, and the Peninsulares were the Spanish-born residents who held positions of power and authority during the colonial period. The Mestizos were people of mixed Filipino and Spanish ancestry, who played a significant role in the country’s history.

The AMCC Palakasan brings together students from diverse backgrounds, celebrating their cultural heritage, and fostering a sense of unity among them. The event is not just about sports, but it is an opportunity for the students to connect with their history and culture. The theme of this year’s Palakasan reminds the students of the importance of building a better future by revitalizing the present.

Meet the Teams’ Ambassadors:

Team Katipuneros

Team Katipuneros’ Ambassadors are Bb. Ashly Nicole Ponce and G. Al Jeff Uson.

Team Mestizos

Team Mestizos’ Ambassadors: Bb. Arjeah Mae B. Calihat and G.┬áVens Juntilla Hortilano

Team Peninsulares

Team Peninsulares’ Ambassadors: Bb. Gloelsa Mae A. Mabras and G. Nicholas Ushbeel Sharjeel Inayat

Team Illustrados

Team Illustrados’ Ambassadors: Bb. Justine Jean Maghanoy and G. Paul Justin H. Salabsab
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