In a remarkable achievement, the graduates of the Bachelor of Elementary Education program at AMCC have once again proven their exceptional skills and knowledge by achieving a 100% performance rating in the recent Licensure Examination for Teachers held in March 2023. Loremae Sampanan, Nancy Colanse, and Keynie Vasay, all proud alumni of AMCC, have successfully passed the examination and have brought tremendous pride to their alma mater.

AMCC takes great pride in its graduates, who consistently demonstrate excellence in their respective fields. The remarkable success of Loremae Sampanan, Nancy Colanse, and Keynie Vasay in the Licensure Examination for Teachers further solidifies AMCC’s position as a premier educational institution in the region. The institution’s emphasis on academic rigor, holistic development, and the practical application of knowledge has consistently produced outstanding professionals who contribute to society.

The achievements of these three individuals not only reflect the quality of education provided by AMCC but also highlight the institution’s ability to mold individuals into competent and compassionate educators. With their success, Loremae Sampanan, Nancy Colanse, and Keynie Vasay inspire current and future AMCC students to pursue excellence and strive for success in their chosen fields.

The remarkable achievement of this institution, as well as the success of its faculty, staff, and administration, is attributed to God’s leading. It is through His guidance and wisdom that this milestone has been reached. Recognizing that God is the ultimate source of knowledge, the institution acknowledges His hand in every aspect of its endeavors. From the dedicated educators shaping young minds to the visionary leaders charting the course, it is the divine guidance that has made this achievement possible. With deep gratitude and faith, the institution acknowledges that it is through God’s grace that knowledge is bestowed and accomplishments are attained.

And with these accomplishments, we give all the glory back to God!




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