Auxilium Corda, meaning “helping heart,” is more than just a name; it is a reflection of the values and aspirations of a group of individuals dedicated to the noble profession of nursing. On a memorable day, the program commenced with a grand processional, showcasing the unity and camaraderie among the participants, candidates for stripping and pinning, professors, and clinical instructors.

The event began with a soul-stirring meditation led by Dauphin Hendricks C. Sucuaje, a first-year nursing student. His words resonated deeply, setting the tone for the proceedings that followed. Ptr. Algir Silang, one of the assistant pastors of AMCC Campus Church, then offered an invocation, seeking divine guidance and blessings for the journey ahead.

The singing of the national anthem instilled a sense of patriotism and pride among everyone present. Afterward, Dr. Bobby M. Asis, the esteemed college president, delivered a heartfelt welcome address, emphasizing the importance of dedication, compassion, and selflessness in the pursuit of nursing. To complement his inspiring words, Himig, a talented musical group, presented a melodious rendition, touching the hearts of all attendees.

Prof. Almira Nebres, RN, MAN, PhD, the research coordinator, took the stage to introduce the guest speaker of the day, Ms. Myleen F. Alcober, RMT, RN. With her extensive experience and expertise in the field, Ms. Alcober captivated the audience with her insightful and thought-provoking speech, leaving a lasting impact on the budding nurses.

Recognizing the contributions and efforts of those involved, the class Public Information Officer, Ms. Apipah S. Maba, presented the Plaque of Appreciation to deserving individuals. This gesture not only expressed gratitude but also served as a reminder of the importance of acknowledging and valuing the contributions of others.

Junnali M. Balindong, the Class President, then delivered an eloquent response on behalf of the class, expressing their collective gratitude and determination to uphold the principles of Auxilium Corda. Her words were filled with sincerity and passion, reflecting the spirit of the nursing profession.

Prof. Roselyn S. Pacardo, RM, RN, MM, MAN, the dean of the School of Nursing, took the stage to present the candidates for stripping and pinning. Each candidate stood as a symbol of dedication and commitment to serving others with compassion and empathy. Prof. Donna Belle P. Sumugat, assisted by clinical coordinators Prof. Lucy May Bucayan and Trinity Ahnn Calunsag, then led the presentation of professional pins, signifying the graduates’ readiness to embark on their professional journey.

Asst. Professor Joy Hechanova led the Nightangle’s pledge, a solemn promise to provide exceptional care to those in need. The class united in harmony, singing their class’ song of consecration entitled “We Are One,” which was written by one of the nursing students, Mr. Jon Gabrielle S. Alorro. The lyrics echoed their shared aspirations and commitment to their chosen path.

Following the song, Ptr. Roger T. Lopez, the VP for Student Affairs and Services, led a dedicatory prayer, seeking blessings and divine guidance for the graduates as they venture into their professional careers. The event continued with the Pledge of Loyalty led by Doaril Sheen Senilong, reaffirming their allegiance to their institution and the nursing profession.

As the memorable ceremony drew to a close, the VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Pretzel K. Zuñga, PhD, PTRP, took the stage to deliver the closing remarks. With eloquence and grace, Dr. Zuñga expressed profound pride in the achievements of the graduates and encouraged them to carry the torch of knowledge and compassion as they ventured into the professional realm. Her words resonated deeply, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts of all present. Following the closing remarks, the uplifting notes of the college hymn filled the air, serving as a unifying anthem that celebrated the graduates’ journey and accomplishments. A solemn benediction followed, invoking blessings and guidance for their future endeavors. With spirits uplifted and hearts full, the graduates and their loved ones gathered for a joyful pictorial, capturing cherished memories of this monumental day. Finally, in a grand recessional, the participants, candidates for stripping and pinning, professors, and clinical instructors made their way out of the hall, their hearts filled with hope and determination as they embraced the path of honest and selfless service that lay before them.

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