The Adventist Medical Center College celebrated a momentous event on August 4th as it hosted the 9th White Coat Ceremony, an occasion of great significance for the medical community and aspiring healthcare professionals. The theme for this year’s ceremony, “Drug Experts of Tomorrow, The Catalysts to a Better Future”, emphasizes the pivotal role these young individuals will play in shaping the healthcare landscape.

The White Coat Ceremony is a rite of passage that marks the beginning of a Pharmacy student’s journey into the world of clinical practice. It is a symbolic event where students, having completed their foundational studies, are officially welcomed into the realm of practical medical education. The white coat, a universal symbol of healthcare professionals, serves as a tangible representation of the students’ commitment to their chosen path and their acceptance of the responsibilities that lie ahead.

Aspiring Drug Experts Step Forward

This year’s ceremony was graced by a cohort of dedicated and passionate students who are destined to become the drug experts of tomorrow. The event was held at 9:00 AM on Friday, August 4th, and witnessed the participation of the following individuals:

– Abella, Thea Kezzleemona

– Abdulrahman, Sittie Faisah

– Ali, Hafsa

– Aliño, Danielle

– Alivio, Ma. Sophia Celeste

– Amerol, Mohammad Hisham

– Antonio, Mike Jr

– Augusto, Daisy Mae

– Balisco, Aimee Lorraine

– Bragat, Kyla

– Cabahug, Ferdie

– Cagumbay, Novah Jireh

– Calumpag, Lady Yna

– Cambangay, Noymie

– Capisnon, Fhiel

– Condalo, Diamalliah

– Cortes, Cyra May

– Datimbang, Norainah

– Degamo, Jelamarie

– De La Cruz, Gleen

– Federezo, Flechie

– Endaya, Fretzie Jane

– Francisco, Giliane Krisse

– Gandawali, Jamirah

– Guiling, Fatma

– Labadan, Erlon II

– Lantud, Somaya

– Lonoy, Allana Sweet

– Mahusay, Shelly Van

– Mamao, Hanipa

– Mohsein, Hafsa

– Pasay, Dibbie Nice

– Ramil, Desireel Jane

– Riga, Reham

– Resabal, Tricia Anailuj

– Rosales, Khrizzia Mae

– Salazar, Glaiza Kaye

– Samsodin, Sitti Hidaya

– Santibañez, Joshua

– Saripada, Jalilah

The highlight of the ceremony was the official donning of the white coats. Each student walked across the stage, accompanied by applause from their peers, faculty members, and families. This symbolic act marked the transition from theoretical learning to practical application—a moment that signified their commitment to compassionate patient care and ethical medical practice.

As the ceremony concluded, the students recited the “Oath of the Pharmacist,” pledging their commitment to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and patient-centered care. The atmosphere was charged with a sense of unity and purpose as these aspiring drug experts embarked on their transformative journey.

Catalysts to a Better Future

The theme of this year’s White Coat Ceremony encapsulates the profound impact that these young professionals are poised to make. In an era where pharmaceutical interventions play a pivotal role in healthcare, the responsibilities of drug experts extend far beyond prescription filling. They are the frontline educators, advocates, and counselors who will shape a safer and more informed approach to drug use.

The 9th White Coat Ceremony of Adventist Medical Center College was not just a formal event but a celebration of aspirations, a dedication to the pursuit of knowledge, and a promise to contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities. These drug experts of tomorrow are now equipped with not only the knowledge of pharmaceutical science but also the values that define exceptional healthcare.