On August 31, 2023, the Adventist Medical Center College held a momentous blessing ceremony. This significant event marked the beginning of a new chapter in the institution’s history, as the newly acquired boys dorm was consecrated to serve a noble purpose. The ceremony was a heartfelt and joyous occasion attended by AMCC’s administrators and faculty members.

Ribbon cutting by the AMCC Administrators for the newly acquired property.

The program commenced with a warm welcome from Sir Shem Japhet Movera, setting the tone for the event with his words of gratitude and anticipation. Following the welcome remarks, the attendees joined together in singing the opening song. Sir Armante Alquizar then led the congregation for the invocation, asking for blessings and guidance for the newly acquired building that would serve as the boy’s dormitory. His heartfelt words resonated with everyone, reminding all that this moment was more than just a ceremony; it was a sacred occasion.

Dr. Bobby M. Asis, representing the institution’s leadership, delivered a moving speech on the purpose behind the purchase of the extension apartment. He emphasized the institution’s commitment to providing a comfortable living environment for its students and furthering its mission of excellence.

A special musical performance followed, filling the room with melodies that touched the hearts of everyone present. Ptr. Henry Sucuaje then delivered a reflection, sharing his thoughts on the significance of this moment in the context of the institution’s journey and mission. His words encouraged contemplation and gratitude among the attendees, reinforcing the solemnity of the occasion.

The reflection was followed by the litany and dedicatory prayer led by Dr. Roger T. Lopez. This part of the ceremony was a poignant moment when the extension apartment was consecrated and dedicated to its intended purpose. It was a moment of consecration and commitment, a pledge to uphold the values and principles that the institution stood for.

With hearts full of hope and anticipation, the ribbon-cutting ceremony ensued. The symbolic cutting of the ribbon marked the official opening of the Adventist Medical Center College extension boys’ dorm. The gathered community looked on with pride and joy, knowing that this new space would play a vital role in the education and development of future healthcare professionals.

The program concluded with a closing song that united the attendees once more in a spirit of celebration and thanksgiving. As the notes of the song filled the air, it was clear that this day had left an indelible mark on the hearts of all those present.

Finally, the benediction brought the ceremony to a close, sending everyone forth with a sense of purpose, unity, and divine blessing. It was a day of hope and dedication, marking a new beginning for Adventist Medical Center College and its commitment to excellence in healthcare education.

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