On November 6, 2023, the AMCC Administrators, along with several of its workers, held a blessing ceremony for the two newly acquired vehicles. The ceremony commenced with the welcome remarks of Ms. Joralyn R. Selgas, followed by the singing of the opening song, “We Gather Together”, and then the invocation by Dr. Leilah Demol.

One of the administrators, Sir Edgardo D. Torniado, shared with those present the purpose of purchasing the two vehicles.

Sir Torniado sharing to the audience the reason for purchasing the vehicles

The vehicle on the left will be used for construction and transportation of materials, while the one on the right is for the improvement of student services by providing students with a transport service whenever they need it. The vehicles will also be used to further God’s cause. During the recently concluded program “My Journey With God”, students who attended the nightly program were transported to their respective residences via the two mini buses. The purchase of the commuter vehicle will be a great addition to similar services that will be offered by AMCC for God’s glory.

Ptr Lopez leading the reflection/homily

Afterward, a special music piece was performed by Ms. Alpha Mega Joy Lagade, followed by the reflection or homily led by Ptr. Roger Lopez, and then the dedicatory prayer. After the prayer, there was a ribbon cutting by none other than the college president, Dr. Bob Asis. The ceremony culminated with the closing song, followed by a prayer from Sir Shem Movera.

Sir Movera leading the closing prayer of the blessing ceremony

The procurement of these vehicles is a testament to God’s goodness to AMCC. It is through God’s grace that the resources used for the procurement were made possible.