It is with immense joy and pride that we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the dedicated alumni of AMCC who have successfully passed the Pharmacy Licensure Examination held on November 2 and 3, 2023.

The commitment and hard work of these individuals have culminated in a significant achievement, marking a crucial step forward in their professional journeys. Their success reflects not only their personal dedication but also the high-quality education they received at AMCC.

Throughout the challenging examination period, the faculty and staff of AMCC, led by our devoted administrators, joined together in prayer to offer unwavering support to our students. We prayed before, during, and after the examination, seeking divine guidance and blessings for our aspiring pharmacists. The power of collective prayer has always been a source of strength for the AMCC community, and we are grateful for the faith that unites us.

In times of challenge and triumph, we recognize that God has been exceedingly good to AMCC. His grace has guided our institution, allowing us to nurture not only competent professionals but individuals of strong character and unwavering faith.

As we celebrate the achievement of our alumni, we renew our commitment to providing exceptional education rooted in values. The AMCC community, particularly the Pharmacy department, is inspired by this accomplishment and will strive even more fervently for the glory of God.

To our successful alumni, your achievement is not just a personal victory, but a testament to the holistic education you received at AMCC. May you continue to serve with compassion, excellence, and a commitment to the well-being of others. Your success fuels our determination to shape future generations of compassionate healthcare professionals.

Once again, congratulations to the AMCC alumni who have successfully passed the Pharmacy Licensure Examination. Your achievement is a beacon of inspiration for us all.


1) Abdulhamid, Aquisah
2) Bernabe, Joy
3) Collantes, Happy Amor
4) Dulang, Ella
5) Encila, Crystal Lou
6) Gongob, Beniedick
7) Hernando, Ylyssa
8) Lim, Erwin
9) Linog, Naifah
10) Macayan, Gizelle
11) Manamparan, Hosny
12) Manamparan, Prince
13) Putian, Mervi
14) Segovia, Shaenna
15) Siclot, Carelle
16) Umbay, Daniel
17) Umpa, Hasiah
18) Vallejo, Catrece
19) Velasquez, Rezel
20) Yordan, Denise.

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