This year’s theological forum is entitled Theodicy: God’s Justice in an Unjust World and was held on November 9–11, 2023, at the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) in Silang, Cavite. The three-day event is intended to be a platform for disseminating new theological concepts gleaned from the works of various presenters, which include select AIIAS faculty and graduate studies students.

AMCC Theologians with Ptr. Erwin Nagac of the AMCI Chaplaincy Department

To participate in the event, AMCC sent six theologians, namely Ptr. Henry Sucuaje, the AMCC Campus Church pastor, Sir Bernardito Demol, Sir Shem Movera, Sir Algir Silang, Sir Aizhar Nerl Montero, and Ptr. Rowell Selgas.

The event. Centering on the concept of theodicy is packed with information worth sharing; hence, for this week and the next, each theologian sent to attend the event is scheduled to reflect on their learnings. Here is a schedule of their respective talks:

NOVEMBER 15, 2023

  • Sir Shem Japhet Movera
    • “Jesus Relieves Suffering, God forsakes Him on His Own: A Short Note in Mark and Implications for Christians who Suffer with Ailments” (presented by Dr. Dindo Paglinawan)

NOVEMBER 17, 2023

  • Ptr. Henry Sucuaje
    • “Theodicy: Drawing from Ellen White’s Writings”

NOVEMBER 18, 2023

Sabbath School

  • Ptr. Rowell Selgas
    • Theodicy in an Unjust World in the Fear-Filled Eyes of Grieving Mothers: A Case Study” (presented by Dr. Dan and Sheri Wamanya)

Hour of Worship

  • Ptr. Danilo Guardarama
    • “God’s Answer to Suffering that Comes from the Sanctuary/Temple” (presented by Dr. Leonardo Nunes)

AY Program

  • Ptr. Bernardito Demol:
    • “Where is the God of Justice? The Question of Theodicy in Malachi 2:17” (presented by Dr. Petronio Genebago)
  • Sir Aizhar Nerl Montero
    • “Perceptions of Ordained Pastors on the Character of God in the Existence of Evil and Suffering” (presented by Bendanillo, Labadisos, Garilva II, and Bayeta)


  • Ptr. Algir Silang:
    • “God’s Justice for Sinful Human Free Will in Ellen G. White’s Understanding”

We are inviting everyone to join us on the above dates and be blessed.