In the face of adversity, communities often come together to support one another, demonstrating the strength and compassion that can arise in times of need. Recently, AMCC showcased this spirit of solidarity by extending a helping hand to disaster victims in Tambacan, Iligan City. The initiative, spearheaded as part of the college’s community extension services, saw active participation from care group leaders and representatives.

AMCC has always been committed to nurturing not only competent healthcare professionals but also compassionate and socially responsible individuals. The institution’s community extension services exemplify this commitment by reaching out to communities in need and providing support beyond the confines of the classroom.

The college’s involvement in community service is not just an isolated event but a continuous effort to create a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate. This commitment aligns with the institution’s mission to promote health, wellness, and holistic well-being.

Key to the success of this endeavor was the active involvement of care group leaders and its representatives. These individuals, driven by a sense of duty and compassion, played pivotal roles in coordinating and executing the relief mission. Their hands-on approach ensured that the aid reached those who needed it the most.
Beyond the tangible assistance, the initiative served as a reminder of the importance of unity and collaboration in times of crisis. It showcased the power of institutions like AMCC to bring about positive change beyond their academic pursuits.


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