AMCC, as an academic and religious institution, is committed to addressing academic challenges but also commits itself to spreading the Advent message. As an Adventist institution, AMCC has a very active campus church spearheaded by Pr. Henry Sucuaje.

Last Sabbath, December 9, was the culmination of the Care Group Festival, which was attended by four Adventist church associations in Iligan City, namely the People of Hope Association (POHA), Triumphant Association, Adventist Christian Truth Spreaders Association, and the Heaven Bound Association.

Each association showcased, through video presentations, the different activities of their active care groups. For the AMCC campus church, there are 12 active care groups – Beryl, Chrysolite, Jasper, Chrysoprasus, Sapphire, Amethyst, Sardius, Chalcedony, Jacinth, Sardonyx, Emerald, and Topaz. For the end-of-year activity, the care groups opted to conduct a soul-winning activity in their area of choice. The majority of the care groups collaborated with other care groups to maximize the workforce and budget for their activity.

For Jasper and Chrysolite, their activity was conducted in Del Carmen church. The approach of their group emphasizes the significance of family relations, particularly that of husband and wife, and how the devil devises ways to destroy family relations. For Chrysoprasus and Sapphire, their evangelistic crusade was conducted in Pugaan church. For Amethyst and Sardius, they conducted their evangelistic crusade on-campus, targeting high school students.

For Chalcedony and Jacinth, they chose Steeltown church as a venue for their evangelistic crusade, where they obtained 11 souls for Christ. Beryl, which garnered 8 souls for Christ, conducted their evangelistic crusade in Hinaplanon. Sardonyx, in Cagayan de Oro City. Care groups Topaz and Emerald held their evangelistic crusade in Riverside church, where they garnered 27 precious souls for Christ.

The combined effort of the AMCC campus church care groups, along with its students and junior care group members, resulted in 71 souls who gladly accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. These 71 souls were then referred to the respective church leaders for nurturing and guidance in their newly embraced faith.

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