In a significant achievement, a cohort of distinguished individuals from Adventist Medical Center College (AMCC) has emerged victorious in the December 2023 Radiologic Technology Licensure Exam. With genuine enthusiasm and pride, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to these exceptional passers, who have demonstrated unwavering dedication and excellence in the intricate field of medical imaging.

AMCC, a nurturing educational institution committed to excellence, is proud to announce that its students have excelled in the Radiologic Technology Licensure Exam. The institution garnered an impressive performance rating of 84.62% for first-time takers, highlighting the effectiveness of AMCC’s rigorous training and commitment to providing quality education.

The Radiologic Technology Licensure Exam, renowned for its comprehensive evaluation, delves into candidates’ expertise in the dynamic realm of medical imaging. The success of these AMCC students is a testament not only to their individual commitment but also to the high standards of education and training provided by the institution.
Without further ado, we applaud the following AMCC students for their outstanding achievement:

  • Romar Jade Agol
  • Charlanne Baguinaon
  • Al Daniel Dionaldo
  • Fermel Lim
  • Monique Lumactao
  • Ida Alondra Ann Maratas
  • Griple Green Monterola
  • Narciso M. Dio
  • Khryss Bryan Ricablanca
  • Lady Abigail Ruslin
  • Lanibai Sanday
  • Michael Angelo Santiago
  • Jude Harry Villaroya
  • Norhayma Yusoph

Their success in the Radiologic Technology Licensure Exam not only underscores their diligence and devotion but also showcases the practical skills necessary for a career integral to the healthcare system.

Behind each triumphant AMCC student stands a robust network of support, including mentors, educators, family, and friends. Their guidance and encouragement have undeniably played a pivotal role in the success of these passers. As they revel in this accomplishment, it is fitting to express gratitude to those who have been influential in their journey.

As these newly licensed radiologic technologists from AMCC embark on their professional journey, they carry the responsibility of contributing to the ongoing advancements in diagnostic and therapeutic healthcare. Their roles in the medical imaging field are pivotal, and we have complete confidence in their ability to make a positive impact.

Once again, congratulations.

Soli deo gloria!

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