In a significant stride towards academic excellence, the AMCC Pharmacy department proudly announces the addition of two accomplished professionals, Ms. Roselle Remulta and Junnin Gay Garay, to its esteemed faculty. Both recently completed their Master of Science in Pharmacy degrees, showcasing their commitment to advancing their knowledge and contributing to the field.

Dedication Beyond Practice

Ms. Roselle Remulta’s journey is a testament to unwavering dedication. As a registered pharmacist, she not only excelled in her professional practice but also pursued academic upgrading through CHED scholarship. This scholarship not only speaks volumes about her commitment to continuous learning but also reflects her determination to elevate her expertise.

Junnin Gay Garay: A Pharmacist with Academic Zeal

Similarly, Junnin Gay Garay, also a registered pharmacist, successfully completed her Master of Science in Pharmacy degree, demonstrating her passion for both patient care and academic excellence. Their shared commitment to the pharmacy profession positions them as valuable additions to the AMCC faculty.

Bringing Knowledge to the Classroom

Both Ms. Remulta and Ms. Garay, armed with their freshly acquired master’s degrees, are set to bring a wealth of knowledge to the pharmacy classrooms at AMCC. Their blend of practical experience and advanced academic training is poised to enrich the learning experiences of students, providing them with insights into the latest developments in the pharmaceutical field.

Looking Towards the Future

As both Ms. Remulta and Ms. Garay embark on this new chapter of their professional lives, they are not only contributing to the academic prowess of AMCC but are also shaping the future of pharmacy education. Their dedication, coupled with the knowledge gained during their Master’s programs, promises a dynamic and enriching learning environment for students.

In welcoming Ms. Roselle Remulta and Junnin Gay Garay to the Pharmacy faculty, AMCC takes pride in its commitment to fostering a learning environment where experienced practitioners evolve into influential educators, shaping the future leaders of the pharmacy profession.


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