On March 1, 2024, AMCC welcomed faculty and staff to an enlightening In-Service Training program aimed at bolstering professional development. This event, attended by participants from various departments, provided a platform for learning, reflection, and collaboration.

The day commenced with a soul-nourishing devotional, setting a spiritual tone that resonated throughout the program. Dr. Pretzel K. Zuniga, Vice President for Academic Affairs, delivered the opening remarks, underscoring the importance of continuous learning in the healthcare sector.

Distinguished speakers, Professor Leilah R. Demol, RND, PhD, and Ms. Quennie B. Fabiala, RL, shared their expertise, enriching attendees with valuable insights. Prof. Demol discussed updates in Nutrition and Dietetics, while Ms. Fabiala emphasized the significance of “Adventist Librarianship: Nurturing Faith, Learning, and Community.”

Interactive sessions fostered engaging discussions, allowing participants to delve deeper into the topics and exchange ideas. Attendees left the program equipped with newfound knowledge and a sense of camaraderie, ready to apply their learnings in their respective roles.

The In-Service Training program showcased AMCC’s unwavering commitment to excellence and lifelong learning. It served as a testament to the institution’s dedication to nurturing competent professionals who uphold the values of compassion, inquiry, and spiritual growth.

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