At the four-day secretariat convention held in Bali, Indonesia from March 4 to 7, 2024, two dedicated AMCC secretaries, Ms. Ell Jane Aque and Ms. Michelle Gay Morala, embarked on a transformative journey. The convention, themed “Making a Visible Difference for Mission,” brought together secretariat representatives from various unions, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and inspiration.

Ms. Ell Jane P. Aque, President’s secretary
Ms. Michelle Gay Q. Morala, School of Nursing Secretary

Day 1: Setting the Tone

The convention kicked off with an uplifting opening ceremony, where anticipation hung in the air. The SSD president, Pr. Roger Caderma, delivered a thought-provoking devotional message, setting the tone for the days ahead. As the sun bathed the gathering, representatives donned their traditional attire for a memorable group photo.

Morning Sessions:

  1. “4C: Building & Developing Secretariat Team” by Pr. Saw Samuel

This topic gave the secretariat representatives a strategic exploration of how they can thrive through collaboration, competence, communication, and commitment.

2. “Navigating Challenges for Administrative Office Professionals” by Dr. Luh Sausa

Dr. Sausa gave insights into overcoming hurdles faced by administrative professionals in their daily work.

Afternoon Sessions:

3. “Practical Solutions for Preventing Burnout” by Dr. Sheryl Ann Castillo

A timely discussion on maintaining well-being and resilience while serving God’s institution. Secretariats, with the bulk of workload they have from time to time, is also prone to burnouts.

4. “Vivid Faith” by Mrs. Fylvia Kline

This topic emphasized the importance of faith in carrying out the duties of secretariats. Though secretariats are prone to be overwhelmed by the bulk of paper works they face everyday, it is still important to cultivate their faith and to bear in mind that they are doing a very significant work in God’s institutions.

Day 2: Empowering Work Environments

Pr. Saw Samuel returned with another impactful devotional message on Day 2. The morning sessions featured three dynamic speakers:

Morning Sessions:

5. “Using ACMS Effectively” by Mr. Tiago Moses: A deep dive into maximizing the potential of administrative systems.

6. “Fostering a Supportive Work Environment” by Pr. Jacinth Adap: Strategies for creating a workplace that nurtures collaboration and growth.

7. “Mastering Communication in the Workplace” by Dr. Sheryl Ann Castillo: Practical tips for effective communication within secretariats.

Afternoon Sessions:

8. “Forgiveness in the Workplace” by Dr. Sheryl Ann Castillo: An exploration of forgiveness as a powerful tool for professional relationships.

Day 3: Exploring Bali

Day 3 was slated to participants’ tour, allowing them to immerse themselves in Bali’s rich culture, scenic beauty, and warm hospitality.

Day 4: Global Mission and Urgency

The convention’s final day commenced with three engaging morning presentations:

Morning Sessions:

9. “ACMS—Preparing for the Future” by Mr. Tiago Moses: A forward-looking perspective on administrative systems.
10. “All About Service Records” by the SSD HR team: A comprehensive overview of managing service records.
11. “Strategic Collaboration for Office Professionals” by Dr. Luh Sausa: Insights into effective collaboration strategies.

Afternoon Sessions:

12. “Our Mission is Global” by Pr. Erton Kohler: A call to action for global impact.
13. “A Call for Urgency”: A passionate plea to seize the moment and make a difference.

The convention concluded with heartfelt awards recognizing outstanding contributions. Ms. Ell Jane Aque and Ms. Michelle Gay Morala returned home, inspired and equipped to create a visible difference in their mission-driven roles within the AMCC secretariat.

As we reflect on this transformative convention, let us recognize the unsung heroes—the secretaries. In God’s institutions, secretaries play a pivotal role. They are the silent architects of efficiency, the custodians of order, and the weavers of unity. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that the gears of mission turn smoothly.

Just as the eagle soars high, the secretaries lift the wings of organizations, allowing them to reach greater heights. Their commitment, often unseen, is a testament to their faithfulness. They handle administrative tasks, manage communication, and nurture the spirit of service.

So, let us honor the secretaries—the quiet flames that illuminate the path toward mission. Let us celebrate the AMCC secretaries and all secretaries worldwide, for they are the heartbeat of God’s institutions, faithfully keeping the flame of service burning bright.

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