On April 4, 2024, the AMCC Basketball court was filled with anticipation and excitement as the campus community gathered to witness the blessing of a new Toyota Vios. This special event was organized for the students enrolled in the Work Education subject, with a focus on driving lessons provided by one of our esteemed faculty members, Mr. Elsamy Viajante.

The ceremony commenced with warm and heartfelt welcome remarks by Sir Shem Movera, emphasizing the significance of this occasion. The car, generously donated to the school, symbolizes growth, mobility, and the spirit of learning.

Led by the talented Ma’am Sweet Cabrera, the opening hymn was none other than “Count Your Blessings”. The harmonious voices echoed across the basketball court, setting the tone for the blessings to come.

Next, a special song performance awaited the audience. Leilan Pornes and her friends graced the stage, their voices weaving a tapestry of gratitude and hope. Their heartfelt rendition touched the hearts of all present, reminding us of life’s simple joys.

Words of Inspiration

Sir Glenn Paglinawan, a beacon of wisdom, stepped forward to deliver the day’s message. With eloquence and sincerity, he spoke about the journey ahead—the road to knowledge, responsibility, and safe driving practices. His words resonated with both seasoned drivers and those embarking on this new adventure.

The Litany

Pr. Roger Lopez, with unwavering faith, led the congregation in a litany. Each petition was a prayer for protection, guidance, and blessings upon the car and its future passengers. The AMCC community stood united, their voices rising in unison.

Unveiling the Car

Anticipation reached its peak as the HR department and school administrators stepped forward. With a flourish, they cut the ceremonial ribbon, revealing the gleaming car—a symbol of opportunity and shared responsibility. The crowd erupted in applause, celebrating this milestone.

As the car stood proudly in the spotlight, the closing song echoed through the air: “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”. The lyrics carried the weight of gratitude, acknowledging the generosity of those who made this gift possible.

A Benediction

Finally, Pr. Henry Sucuaje, representing the AMCC Campus church, offered a heartfelt closing prayer. His words invoked blessings upon the car, its driver, and the entire AMCC family. With heads bowed, the assembly received this benediction, ready to embark on a safe and purposeful journey.

In the fading light of that April evening, the car stood as a beacon of hope—a vehicle not only for transportation but also for learning, growth, and community. As it rolled out of the basketball court, it carried with it the prayers, dreams, and aspirations of all who witnessed its blessing.

The car blessing event not only marked a practical milestone in the students’ education but also showcased the spirit of collaboration, mentorship, and faith that are integral to the AMCC community. It served as a reminder of the institution’s commitment to holistic learning experiences that empower students beyond the classroom.