Grade 12 students of AMCC Academy recently participated in a Camping Trip experience at Riverside Santiago from May 10th to 12th, 2024—curated by our dedicated and qualified PE Instructor, Sir Novy Navasquez. The Activity aimed to enhance camaraderie, nurture the spirit, and prepare students for life’s challenges as they approach graduation.
Throughout the experience, students engaged in various activities, including devotional sessions, Bible storytelling, and spiritual discussions. They also participated in creative exercises like Palangka letter making and enjoyed communal meals featuring camp bread and egg cookery.
In addition to spiritual enrichment, students faced obstacles through team-building activities and obstacle courses, reflecting real-life challenges. Guided by their peers and newfound spiritual insights, they tackled these hurdles with resilience and determination.
As the retreat concluded, Grade 12 students departed with strengthened bonds and a deeper understanding of spirituality, preparing them for the journey ahead post-graduation.
Lastly, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the organizations whose presence and support were instrumental to the success of our camping experience. Special thanks to the AMCC Administration for their unwavering leadership and coordination, and to the High School Faculty for their dedication and guidance throughout the event.
We also appreciate the efforts of AMCC Media and MassMedia for capturing and sharing our memorable moments, and the Masterguides for their expertise and mentorship. The AMCC Red Cross Youth provided invaluable assistance and safety measures, while the Station 1 Police Unit ensured our security. We are also grateful to BFAD Barangay Santiago for their logistical support and the Riverside Church Brethren for their spiritual encouragement and fellowship.
Your collective efforts and dedication ensured a memorable and successful event for all participants. Thank you for being an integral part of our community and your unwavering commitment to our youth.
(c) Kian Balboa & Elisha Nissi Jabines

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