AMCC recently made a significant impact at the Sabbath School Congress held at Mountain View College. This event saw a vibrant participation from AMCC, marked by the establishment of a bustling booth that became a hub of activity and service throughout the congress.

The AMCC booth, a testament to the college’s commitment to community health and education, was staffed by 17 dedicated AMCC constituents. This team included 14 enthusiastic students from various departments and 3 program heads, all of whom were instrumental in the execution of the booth’s activities. Their collective efforts centered around offering free health services to all attendees, doubling as a strategic marketing and promotional initiative to highlight AMCC’s diverse healthcare programs.

A Collaborative Health Initiative

The AMCC booth was a hive of professional and compassionate healthcare services. Each department showcased its expertise and contributed to the well-being of the congress attendees in unique ways:

School of Nursing: This department drew significant attention with its offering of unlimited vital signs taking. Attendees were able to have their blood pressure, pulse, and other vital signs checked by skilled nursing students, ensuring a continuous line of people seeking this fundamental health service.
Medical Technology Department: Providing vital diagnostic services, the Medical Technology department offered random glucose tests and blood typing. These services were particularly appreciated by those looking to understand their health better and make informed decisions.
Physical Therapy Department: Focusing on musculoskeletal health, the Physical Therapy department conducted free physical assessments and treatments. Their services included evaluations of posture, movement, and pain management techniques, helping attendees address physical discomforts.
Pharmacy Department: A generous contribution came from the Pharmacy department, which distributed over 200 vaporubs and vitamins. These items were highly sought after, providing attendees with much-needed health supplements and remedies for common ailments.
Nutrition and Dietetics Department: Addressing the crucial aspect of dietary health, the Nutrition and Dietetics department offered nutrition assessments and counseling. This service was invaluable for those seeking personalized dietary advice to improve their overall health.

Promoting Health and Education

The presence of AMCC at the Sabbath School Congress was not only about offering free health services but also about promoting the college’s commitment to healthcare education and community service. The booth became a focal point for discussions about health, wellness, and the importance of comprehensive healthcare education.

The AMCC representatives, through their dedication and expertise, demonstrated the college’s motto of service and excellence. Their involvement underscored the institution’s role in fostering a healthier community and showcased the practical skills and compassionate care that AMCC students and faculty embody.