On the morning of July 4, 2024, Adventist Medical Center College (AMCC) held a solemn and celebratory blessing ceremony for their newly acquired heavy equipment at the motor pool area. The event, which began at 8 AM, marked a significant milestone for the institution as it embraced advancements in infrastructure and resource management.

Dr. Bobby M. Asis, the college president, sharing the significance of the purchase

The ceremony commenced with warm welcome remarks delivered by Prof. Febe Lavador, the Chairperson of the Education and General Education Department. Prof. Lavador’s words set the tone for the event, highlighting the importance of the new acquisition for the college’s operational efficiency.

Following the welcome remarks, the gathering sang an uplifting opening song, preparing hearts and minds for the invocation led by Mr. Armante C. Alquizar. Mr. Alquizar’s prayer was a call for divine guidance and blessings on the new equipment, emphasizing the institution’s reliance on faith in its endeavors.

Mr. Serwin Jondonero, Vice President of Finance, then took time to articulate the purpose behind the purchase of the heavy equipment. He detailed how the new backhoe would expedite the building of new classrooms, replacing the old backhoe which required high maintenance compared to purchasing a brand new one. Mr. Jondonero emphasized that the new equipment would significantly enhance the college’s capabilities in maintaining and developing its facilities, ultimately contributing to a better learning environment for the students.

The atmosphere was further enriched by a special song performed by Ms. Charm Desiree P. Pillodar, one of AMCC’s new Medical Technology faculty members. Her performance was a melodic reminder of the college’s commitment to excellence and community spirit.

Mr. Algir Silang, Dean of the Boy’s Dormitory, delivered a thoughtful reflection and homily. His message centered on stewardship and the responsible use of resources, encouraging all present to consider the broader implications of the college’s growth and development.

The litany, led by Pr. Henry Sucuaje, the college chaplain, followed the homily. This segment of the ceremony was a collective prayer, seeking blessings and protection for the new equipment and those who would operate it.

A significant moment in the ceremony was when the new backhoe was turned on, symbolizing the start of its service to the college. This was accompanied by a dedicatory prayer from Dr. Roger Lopez, who asked for divine guidance and safety in all future operations involving the equipment.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, a traditional act symbolizing new beginnings, was performed by the college administrators. This act formally marked the commencement of the backhoe’s role in AMCC’s infrastructure projects.

The event concluded with a closing song, followed by a benediction led by Pr. Rowell Selgas, Chairperson of AB Missiology. Pr. Selgas’s benediction was a fitting end to the ceremony, blessing the participants and the institution as they moved forward with renewed vigor and faith.

The song leader for the event, Ms. Alpha Mega Joy O. Lagade, ensured that the musical elements of the ceremony were heartfelt and cohesive, enhancing the overall atmosphere of reverence and celebration.

AMCC’s heavy equipment blessing ceremony was not just a celebration of a new acquisition, but a testament to the institution’s dedication to progress, community, and faith. The event underscored the collaborative spirit and forward-thinking approach that define AMCC, promising a bright future for all its stakeholders.