AMCC Official Logo

The thick border stands as protective shield enclosing the foundations and philosophy of AMC College, assuring its divine mission, vision, and objectives.

The semi-circle forming an arch promises the foundation’s openness in welcoming students of different races, places, kin and creeds.

The seven advancing lines show the furthering viewpoint of students who enter the gates of AMC College, their minds directed to higher and nobler views of life. Similarly, it represents the development of students in all aspects or dimensions of life especially their spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical dimensions.

The green background sets a fresh starting point to build up one’s future or rebuild one’s life; thus students come out competent and committed professionals.

The inner circle towards the left portrays the heartbeat of AMC College, stressing its holistic programs anchored in the philosophy of Adventist education with the rays of the torch reflecting the AMCC slogan “keeps shining”.

The blue sea symbolizes the far-reaching influence of AMC College even to distant places through its enrollees as well as graduates who serve both home and abroad.

The three lines forming a flame symbolize the advent gospel embedded within the curriculum carrying the three angels’ message and distinctly show the constant guidance and sustenance of God to the administration and all workers of the college. The flame casts its rays through the quiet influence of the workers in giving care, compassion, hope, and inspiration to all students.

The yellow background symbolizes the services of AMCC highlighting the importance of delivering quality education and service learning programs including research, with optimism, energy, joy, happiness, and love. At AMCC, fostering a friendly relationship with God and humanity is the ultimate goal.


AMCC Keeps Shining

This slogan constantly reminds and encourages every worker and graduates of AMCC to uphold the teachings of the college following the principles and philosophy of Adventist education to continually keep shining wherever they are situated and in whatever circumstances they are involved.


AMCC – The School that Cares and Gives Hope

The emphasis of the college as part of its intentional ministry is an assurance of care and hope instilled in the hearts and minds of all workers, students, and all its constituents. AMCC is a sectarian educational institution under the governance and regulated by the Adventist educational system of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, that acknowledges the significance of the Bible in all its teachings characterizing and emulating the role of the “Good Samaritan” (Luke 10:25-37) showing compassion, care, and giving hope in all its dealings especially to students and workers who are in dire need and in difficult situations.


ADVENTIST MEDICAL CENTER COLLEGE (AMCC) formerly Mindanao Sanitarium & Hospital-College of Medical Arts Foundation Inc. (MSH-CMAFI) is an IBE accredited and CHED-recognized educational institution found within 2 adjacent campuses, one stands conspicuously behind Adventist Medical Center – Iligan, the other just one-block nearby, situated along the highway of Andres Bonifacio Avenue, a highway that spans the city of Cagayan De Oro, Ozamis, and Pagadian. The college is approximately four (4) kilometers away from the city proper. It has three (3) four-story buildings from its older campus that accommodate primarily the high school department (Junior and Senior High) and its library, classrooms for students from various programs offered by the college, including the offices, laboratories, a wonderful and spacious campus college church, and the multi-purpose hall. Its recent campus has recently two (2) four-story buildings that contain a government rented space, the college library, a dormitory for boys and girls, as well as classrooms and offices of allied health courses offered by the college.

The idea of establishing a college was conceived when the prior hospital administrators felt the need for Adventist paramedical workers, particularly in the area of Physical Therapy, Radiology, Midwifery, and other health-related fields. Mr. Joel Y. Dalaguan, then president of Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital and the hospital administrators decided to establish a college in the year 1994.

After rigorous preparations in its application for government recognition, the college started with a very humble beginning in June 13, 1994 with the following courses: Midwifery and Physical Therapy. Its classes were held in an old, two-story building (formerly a church school) inside the campus. With no financial appropriation, the hospital lent its laboratory equipment and subsidized its operation for five years. The College gained the distinction of being the first SDA College of the Philippines to offer courses leading to a recognized degree in BS Physical Therapy and Radiologic Technology.

Operation started with an enrolment of 19 midwifery and 88 physical therapy students. The working force was composed of 5 full-time and 6 part-time faculty members. The pioneers in the school administration are: Mr. Joel Y. Dalaguan, President; Dr. Gladden O. Flores, Academic Dean; Mrs. Thelma R. Selerio, Treasurer; Mr. Absalom S. Fronteras, Student Finance Director; Miss Merlyn A. Maquilan, Registrar; Mrs. Dinah W. Almocera, Head of Physical Therapy; Miss Roselyn A. Senas, Principal of Midwifery and Mrs. Melissa M. Buenaventura, Residence Dean. The Information Technology was opened in 1996 followed by the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 1998; Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology and Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1999 and Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology in 2000. The Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education started in 2009. Further, two courses were added in 2012, namely: Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics and Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy.

The standards and quality of teaching in the school along with its unique approach in educating the youth following the Adventist philosophy of education had attracted students and various constituents and largely contributed to the commendable results of the graduates in the board examinations. The first cohort of Radiologic Technology examinees got number one in the region while 36 (92.30%), out of 39 Nursing examinees passed the nursing board making the AMCC School of Nursing the first in Region 10 and second in Mindanao. The Physical Therapy, Medical Technology and Midwifery courses also performed well. With the outstanding performance of the college, the enrolment increased from about 600 to about 1500 students coming from Luzon, Visayas, and mostly from Mindanao including foreign countries.

Dr. Bobby Asis
2020 - Present
Joel Y. Dalaguan
Edgar Claude A. Nadal
Ptr. Eliezer M. Bacus
Ptr. Nemuel M. Tambalque

On September 22, 2014 the AMCC Board voted to separate the College from the Hospital effective January 1, 2015 so that the latter can benefit on the denominational subsidies and allowances afforded to tertiary schools operated under the auspices of the South Philippine Union Conference. Dr. Nemuel M. Tambalque, who had been in the world of academe for more than three decades here and abroad, accepted the call to serve as the first president of the College during its separation from the hospital. Since then, the college had purchased an adjacent ___-hectare lot and erected there its own dormitory for boys and girls, a college library, as well as classrooms and offices for the Physical Therapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Medical Technology, and Radiologic Technology departments. A separate building from that same lot occupies the Pharmacy department and other offices rented by the government.

In 2015, the Administrative Council of the college felt the need to open a Senior High School Program to fill the need of a 2-year vacuum due to the K-12 transition program of the government. As a result, Government Permit No. 254, s. 2016 was granted to AMCC to operate the Senior High School Program with the following academic strands: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS), and the General Academic Strand (GAS) spearheaded by Dr. Ian C. Abordo, the then Vice President for Academic Affairs in cooperation with the Principal and High School faculty and staff. On June 13, 2016, the first day of high school classes started with a total of 101 students enrolled in all strands with an increased enrolment the following year (2017-2018) to 340 students, including Grade 11 students.

Government Temporary Permit No. JHS R-039, s. 2018 was also granted to AMCC on March 20, 2018, to operate the Junior High School (grades 7 and 8) with a total of 50 students enrolled on June 11, 2018. The total students enrolled in the Junior and Senior High School Program reached 539 during the SY 2018-2019. Since then, many students graduated from High School and left the portals of the school as proud alumni or stayed as college students carrying with them the teachings founded on God’s love and mercy within the framework of Adventist philosophy of education.

AMCC take its pride in the production of God-loving, service-oriented, globally-competent, humanitarian graduates that excels not only at work but also in the community here and abroad. The college also surpasses board examination targets in most courses it offers and even creates topnotch professionals in the Physical Therapy, Nursing, and Medical Technology courses with the Nutrition and Dietetics department getting 100% passing rate in board examination for 5 consecutive years (2018-present). The opening of the new courses and the progressive establishment of a 4-storey building in a separate campus indicates the commitment of AMCC to evangelization, transformation, professionalism, and service not only in this world but in the world to come.

Now, under the tutelage of Dr. Bobby M. Asis voted by the Board as the College President for AY 2022-2025 and the full support of all administrators and workers, AMCC is even more decisive and motivated to continue its efforts in improving the avenues of all college properties and physical facilities while emphasizing the importance of evangelization and the ministry of Adventist education to all its constituents without compromising its academic standards.


Title: AMC College Keeps Shining

Words and Music: Jimjrv A.

From places near and far, we come our lives to prepare

Amid the rush of city life a lovely cradle of our dreams.

Building faith in God and destiny, A school unmarred by creed or race;

We’ll serve our maker and humanity to places far and near.


We raise our voices to you AMC College; Build our hopes, Make our dreams.

Diff’rently winding our paths maybe- your visions grand inspire as through;

Your noble standard we shall always bear, A-M-C College ever be!


We raise our voices to you AMC College; Build our hopes, Make our dreams.

Diff’rently winding our paths may be To be our best our gift to you

At home or abroad keep shining through, AMC College ever be.