Brief History of the AMCC Learning Center

The learning center was conceived in July 2005, a week following the arrival of then-college president Joel Y. Dalaguan from the United States of America. He discussed with the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) the necessity to accommodate the academic needs of AMCC (formerly MSH-CMAFI) workers. The VPAA then conducted a feasibility study and after a favorable result, submitted all the requirements to the Division of Private School, Department of Education, Iligan City on November 23, 2005. The learning center was then formally established on June 2006 after the 1st National Congress of Preschool Education in Baguio City.

To our Prospective Pupils

We, at AMCC, are committed to providing quality Adventist preschool education to our pupils.

To our Parents, Guardians, and Sponsors

We are dedicated to working closely with parents, guardians, and sponsors in the harmonious development of the pupil's spiritual, mental, social, and physical potential.

To the Community

We shall respond to the needs of our communities through competitive academic standards, services, facilities, and manpower.

To God and to the Church

We are committed to restoring the lost image of God in man.

The AMCC Learning Center Curriculum

  • It uses an integrated approach to provide spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth.
  • It is based on observations by the teacher showing the child's interest and developmental progress
  • Consists of an environment that provides for the exploration of materials and interactions among people
  • It uses concrete materials that relate to the lives of the children
  • Provides for a wide range of abilities and interests
  • It provides for making choices and allowing time for explorations to stimulate thinking
  • It provides for a balance of active movement and rest
  • Provides an outdoor experience