A Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy education spans four years and offers a comprehensive scientific education, leading to potential employment opportunities in various scientific fields. Graduates can find work in higher education institutions, community pharmacies, hospitals, government agencies, research facilities, public health, and the pharmaceutical industry. The program should cover a wide range of topics, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, household hazardous substances, drug delivery devices, and veterinary medicines.


The AMCC Pharmacy logo represents professionalism, compassion, honor, respect, and having responsibility in medication-related care for the purpose of achieving outcomes that improve a patient’s quality of life.




To generate exceptional and God-fearing pharmacy graduates who shall provide quality care and service to patients and communities while exhibiting a lifelong commitment to personal and professional development.


A leading pharmacy education program that produces God-fearing, proactive, and expert pharmacists in drug research and development and in providing quality patient care through optimal use.


The Pharmacy Department is committed to:

1. Provide thorough academic mentoring utilizing effective and dynamic teaching-learning strategies to create a strong theoretical and practical foundation in pharmacy.
2. Provide extensive clinical experience in various fields of pharmacy to equip the students for the actual pharmacy practice.
3. Direct pharmacy students to develop practical and community-responsive research outputs to train them to become proactive professionals that are able to contribute to the library of knowledge and to society as a whole.
4. Encourage participation in national and international research fora, conventions, and training programs for updates in the evolving world of pharmacy.
5. Train students in organizing and participating in community extension programs to develop their sense of social responsibility and strengthen their clinical experience.
6. Provide curricular and extra-curricular programs that strengthen the spiritual formation.

Department Faculty

Darmi Wena Maquilan, RPh
Mae Lee T. Agoo, RPh, MScAilene Anit, RPhCristy Bayola, RPhJurimer Demecillo, RPh
Flordeliza Jamen, RPhRamil Maglinte, RPhCharity Redaniel, RPh, MScDaisy Daroy, RPh
Patricia Jarabe, RPh

Department Activities

Spiritual Activities

Community Extension Services

Social Activities

Academic Activities



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