Unleashing Excellence: AMCC’s Graduates Achieve 100% in Licensure Examination

In a remarkable achievement, the graduates of the Bachelor of Elementary Education program at AMCC have once again proven their exceptional skills and knowledge by achieving a 100% performance rating in the recent Licensure Examination for Teachers held in March 2023. Loremae Sampanan, Nancy Colanse, and Keynie Vasay, all proud alumni of AMCC, have successfully […]

AMCC Alumni Officers Pledge to Serve Alma Mater in Induction and Oathtaking Ceremony

In an effort to renew their commitment to supporting the endeavors of their alma mater, the new set of AMCC alumni officers recently conducted an impressive Induction and Oathtaking ceremony, held in the newly renovated AVR. The program commenced with a melodious welcome song by the AMCC chorale, followed by an inspiring Invocation from Ptr. […]