Week of Devotion

Week of Devotion

Once the midterm exam concludes, the upcoming event on the academic calendar is the Student week of devotion. This weeklong program has been specifically designed to provide students with a platform to learn more about God through the medium of messages delivered by their fellow classmates at the AMCC.

The objective of this event is to facilitate an environment of spiritual growth and learning, where students can connect with each other and engage in meaningful conversations on matters of faith. As a result, the class schedule is modified to accommodate this program, giving students ample time to attend and participate in the various activities and sessions that are planned.

During this week, students have the opportunity to learn from their peers’ experiences, gain insights, and deepen their understanding of their own spirituality. The Student Week of devotion is an essential component of AMCC that aims to nurture the spiritual and personal growth of students.

The class schedules were adjusted to specifically accommodate the Student Week of Devotion. Here is the adjusted schedule for the following week:

7:30 - 8:30Week of Devotion session
8:30–9:401st Period
9:40–10:502nd Period
10:50–12:003rd Period
1:30–2:401st Period
2:40–3:502nd Period
3:50–4:50Week of Devotion session
4:50–6:003rd Period
Date: March 27, 2023