Jether L. Bucayan, MAEd, RRT, RSO

Jerel W. Ubarco, RRT, RSO
Clinical Coordinator

Jonrich Ll. Macalising, RRT, RSO
Academic Coordinator

Rezeile Dale V. Pancho, RRT

Department Logo

Meaning of the Logo

Trefoil sign or radiation sign- a universal symbol for radiology or radiologic technology

AMCC logo at the center- It means that AMCC is one of the best colleges offering radiologic technology in the Philippines particularly in Northern Mindanao. It means that AMCC is the center of Academic Excellence in Radiologic Technology, as well as the center of good influence.


Christ-centered knowledge, attitude and skills development in healthcare imaging education.


Committed to provide students with holistic development to be caring, competent, and skilled radiologic technology professionals, and to be responsive to human needs in the context of Adventism.


To be an accredited program having competent and qualified instructors, adequate resources and facilities; thus, producing quality graduates with competitive skills and compassionate hearts to selflessly serve others.


To produce Radiologic Technology Students that will:

  1. Practice religiosity and right ethical conduct at all times;
  2. Apply scientific knowledge, technical skills, and the proper work attitude and values necessary for the practice of Radiologic Technology;
  3. Understand the scope of local and international professional ethical practice;
  4. Promote the value of pursuing life-long learning;
  5. Implement radiation safety and protection measures;
  6. Demonstrate compassionate patient care;
  7. Show leadership, management, and entrepreneurial skills;
  8. Engage in academic and research activities;
  9. Advocate love of country and service to the Filipino people.


TOP 8 – Roldan M. Datuin (Class 2012)
TOP 3 – Almira L. Mira-ato (Class 2004)
TOP 2 – Evelyn V. Arbuis (Class 2002)
TOP 1 – Melody Fair P. Lizondra (Class 2001)

Rank in Board Examination

No. 3 Radiologic Technology School in Mindanao based on June 2009 Radiologic Technology Licensure Examination.

Departmental Activities

Hospital Tour

Acquaintance Party

Religious Endeavor


Student Empowerment