To design and provide a kind of program and activities of students that is within the bounds of Seventh-day Adventist principles and ideals akin to the biblical dictum which emphasizes “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”


A fully Christ-centered department which prepares the youth to become wholistically developed in their search for meaningful and fruitful service for God and humanity.


The following goals are the bases in achieving the mission and vision:

  1. To make every youth feel that a well-balanced education, making Christ as the Alpha and Omega, nurtures him/her to become holistically developed and is prepared to face the realities of life.
  2. To have moral and religious values emphasized and integrated in all activities both inside and outside the school campus.
  3. To make it a customary practice to have prayers before and after classes in all classrooms.
  4. To hold semestral week of spiritual emphasis for all students, faculty and staff with speakers from among ministers of the SDA denominations.
  5. To hold regular weekly convocations for all students with topics focused on the importance of Christ centered life and service-centered practice of career.
  6. To put into practice, the dignity of clean language at all times within the campus.
  7. To emphasize that destructive vices such as smoking, alcohol drinking, use of prohibited drugs and any sorts of gambling or betting are abominable to Christian standard.
  8. To implement guidelines and policies on simplicity of adornment such as no wearing of obscene attire, jewelry, and display of abominable facial decorations.