In a vibrant celebration of three decades of academic excellence and resilience, Adventist Medical Center College (AMCC) recently held its kick-off program for the 30th Foundation Anniversary and Grand Alumni Homecoming. The event, hosted at Robinson’s Mall last February 25, 2024, brought together alumni, current students, faculty, staff, and supporters to honor the institution’s remarkable journey. Under the theme “A Homage to 30 years of Resilience; Embracing God’s leading to Excellence,” the program was a testament to the unwavering dedication and faith that have characterized AMCC’s history.

The festivities began with a solemn devotional, setting the tone for reflection and gratitude. Mr. Aizhar Nerl Montero, delivered an inspiring message, emphasizing the role of resilience and faith in navigating challenges and achieving success. His words resonated deeply with the audience, reminding everyone of the guiding principles that have sustained AMCC over the years.

Following the devotional, the program transitioned into a captivating prelude performed by ZENESZ, a talented group of student violin players. Their musical rendition set a poignant atmosphere, evoking emotions of nostalgia and anticipation for what was to come. As the melodies filled the air, attendees were transported back to cherished moments and milestones in AMCC’s history.

The heart of the program unfolded with a thought-provoking message delivered by Sir Joel Y Dalaguan, a respected figure within the AMCC community. Through his words, he celebrated the resilience and perseverance that have defined AMCC’s journey, highlighting the countless individuals who have contributed to its success. His message served as a call to action, inspiring all present to continue striving for excellence and upholding the institution’s values.

As the kick-off program drew to a close, there was a palpable sense of pride and gratitude among attendees. The event had not only commemorated 30 years of resilience but also reaffirmed AMCC’s commitment to excellence and service. Looking ahead, the institution stands poised to continue its legacy of shaping compassionate healthcare professionals and making a positive impact on society.


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